Websites Launch

By Yoram Hazony, February 20, 2011

Together with the team at Shalem, I’ve made a lot of progress in recent weeks on getting websites and mailing lists up and running that will permit you to follow my work more easily, and to get involved in aspects of this work if you’re interested.

The new sites and mailing lists are as follows:

1. Yoram Hazony Website. This site tells you more about me, lets you access my books and articles, read Jerusalem Letters and comment on them, and watch some of my lectures on video as well (in the “Gallery” section). I’ve posted many of the comments sent in by readers to the first eight Jerusalem Letters, so you can now go back and take a look at the comments I received as well. The address for the site is .

2. Jewish Philosophical Theology Website. I’ve also launched a website for the Jewish Philosophical Theology project at Shalem, of which I’m the director. This is a project sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation, which is aimed at encouraging philosophical inquiry into the Hebrew Bible, Talmud, and Midrash. The site includes information about conferences and fellowships in this area, as well as bibliography of works on this subject. The address for the site is .

3. Bible-Philos Listserv. Finally, I’ve put together a listserv to send out updates and announcements about developments in the field of philosophy of the Bible, Talmud and Midrash. My plan is to develop this mailing list as a service that will provide information about new books and articles as they come out, as well as updates concerning the Jewish Philosophical Theology project at Shalem. This will be more academic and carry more information about this particular subject than you’ll get from Jerusalem Letters, which I am going to try to keep broad. You can sign up for Bible-Philos at .


I appreciate your ongoing interest, and especially all the letters and comments that have been coming in. I look forward to being in touch.

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