VIDEO: Debate With Walter Russell Mead on Nationalism

By Yoram Hazony, November 6, 2016 | 2 responses

On Wednesday, September 14, 2016, I spoke at the Tikvah Fund in New York on the subject “Nationalism and the Future of Western Freedom.” The distinguished historian and commentator on public affairs Walter Russell Mead offered a lively rebuttal, which was followed by an exchange between us moderated by Jonathan Silver.

In my comments, I argue that the question of nationalism has become the most consequential political struggle of our time. As brought vividly to the fore by the Brexit referendum in the UK and by Donald Trump’s candidacy for president in the United States, this is a political battle over whether the national order will continue to be based on a world of independent states—as has been the case in the West for 350 years—or whether liberalism is inaugurating a new era of empire.

This is a debate whose roots extend all the way back to the rejection of the idea of universal empire by the prophets of the Hebrew Bible, with their belief in the idea of an independent Israelite kingdom—a political conception whose enduring virtues would in time profoundly shape the emergence of the modern West.

What does biblical or Protestant nationalism have to do with Trump? With Brexit? With Israel and the Jews? With the Middle East? We go into all of these questions and more.

The video of my lecture is followed by two other videos—one of Mead’s response, and another recording the discussion between us.


Yoram Hazony: The Case for Nationalism


Walter Russell Mead Responds


Yoram Hazony and Walter Russell: A Conversation


Take a look at my essay, “Nationalism and the Future of Western Freedom”.

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2 Responses to "VIDEO: Debate With Walter Russell Mead on Nationalism"
Stephen Miller
December 5, 2016
Formerly Ratheon, Elbit, Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Istiture of Technolgy
The talks and exchanges were informative, and I feel well rewarded for the time devoted to them. The take away for me was a grand lesson in a major difference between the Jewish world view of Mr. Hazony and that
Avraham Keslinger
November 7, 2016
Just as Judaism seeks a balance on the individual level (e.g. husband and wife, employer and employee)and national level (Paul Johnson noted to Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks that Judaism achieves a balance between the the individual and the group -
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