The Launch of My New Interview Show

By Yoram Hazony, November 15, 2020

Some of you may have already seen that I’ve launched a new online interview show over the past few weeks. This is not something I had been planning on doing this year. But as we know, we make plans and God often decides that they’re just not good enough and we need to do better.

In this case, the plague of coronavirus made the conferences and educational programs that my colleagues and I had been planning impossible. So we began working on a different way to reach out to the many people whom we would have wanted to see at our events and in our educational efforts.

We spent the summer teaching ourselves the video trade and did ten demos before we thought we had something that was good enough to show you.

The result is NatConTalk, a weekly, in-depth interview show in which I discuss politics, religion, and philosophy with prominent public figures who have something significant to contribute to current debates.

Unlike most such shows, this one will introduce you to the leading nationalists and conservatives, as well as to liberals who have important things to say to nationalists and conservatives.

We’ve released nine videos so far. Here are the most recent two:

You can see all of my interviews here.

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Let us know how it’s going!

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