On Loyalty: Speech at the Rome NatCon Conference

By Yoram Hazony, February 18, 2020

On Feb. 3-4, the Edmund Burke Foundation joined with other organizations to host the first National Conservatism Conference on the European continent in Rome. Delegates from 16 countries came to discuss the idea that conservatism as an ideal is built around the nation: National independence, national interests, and national traditions.

It was an exciting event, taking place just days after Britain left the European Union. The event also marked the publication of my book Le virtù del nazionalismo in Italy (Guerini e Associati, 2019).

There have been some wonderful essays written about the conference. My favorites so far include Rod Dreher’s “Among the National Conservatives” (American Conservative) and Douglast Murray’s “The Danger, and Hope, of the European Right” (Unherd).

You can visit the conference site, where we will be posting the videos of the different speeches as they become available.

My own speech was about loyalty. You can watch it here:

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