NatCon Brussels and the Crisis in Eastern Europe

By Yoram Hazony, February 9, 2022

Less than six months after withdrawing their forces from Afghanistan, Americans and Europeans are contemplating a new war in Ukraine. The issues are far from simple. China is by far the greatest strategic threat to the Western nations as well as India and Japan. It is doubtful that the United States can fight a war in Ukraine without losing sight of the real contest: The de facto cold war with China, which America so far seems to be losing.

So the question of how to meet the Russian challenge over Ukraine is one that seems to require an answer from European nations, especially Poland, Britain, and France. Will there be an answer commensurate with the challenge?

With these questions in the air, my colleagues and I are sponsoring a National Conservatism Conference in Brussels on March 23-24. The conference will open as the prime ministers of Europe are assembling for a fateful meeting of the European Council.

Registration is open for NatCon Brussels. Space is limited, so make sure to sign up now.


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