Hazony and Rubin on Conservatism and Anti-Woke Alliance

By Yoram Hazony, November 10, 2021

From October 31-November 2, I took part in the National Conservatism Conference (“NatCon 2”) convened by the Edmund Burke Foundation in Orlando, Florida. About 700 people registered to participate in high-profile discussions with leading national conservatives (“NatCons”) and anti-Marxist liberals.

The conference had two distinct aims:

First, we continued the work of consolidating a substantive and intellectually coherent nationalist conservatism in America and other democratic nations.

Second, we explored the possibility of establishing a working partnership with anti-Marxist liberals to contend with the effective collapse of traditional liberalism in institutions across the United States, Britain, and other countries.

These are obviously two different projects. But both are pressing right now. In Orlando, we took important steps forward on both fronts.

The speeches from the conference will be released on video here over the coming weeks.

Articles about the conference are being collected and posted here.

For my views on the subject, take a look at this short video I taped with Dave Rubin in Orlando while the conference was taking place around us:

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