VIDEO: God, Nationalism and Conservatism

By Yoram Hazony, May 21, 2018

On December 3, I was honored to speak at the inaugural 2017 Jewish Leadership Conference in New York on the topic “God, Nationalism and Conservatism: A Jewish View.” I’ve often said I don’t believe political conservatism makes sense without God. In this talk, I explain why this is so. The video of my lecture was just released, and you can watch it below.

At the same time, announcements have just gone out for the 2018 Jewish Leadership Conference, which will take place in New York on Sunday, October 28. I will be speaking together with the brilliant psychologist and author Jonathan Haidt. The subject of our conversation will be “Religion and Nationalism: A Conservative View.” Take a look at the conference speakers and register online here.

So here is the video:











For more information about my book The Virtue of Nationalism (Publisher: Basic Books, September 4, 2018) go here.

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