Facebook Author Page and Animated Video Trailer

By Yoram Hazony, July 12, 2012

Facebook Author Page and Animated Video Trailer

At the advice of my friends, I’ve spent the summer doing many things that are out of character for me in preparation for the launch of my new book, The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture. For now I’ll share two of them with you—one that’s I’ve always secretly dreamed of doing; and one that I’ve spent years trying to avoid, even dreading, and yet now it’s here.

I. The One I’ve Spent Years Trying to Avoid:
Facebook Author Page. 

I’ve finally put up a Facebook Author page to make it is easier for people who are interested in my writing and other activities to keep track of what I’m doing. There’s already a stream of articles and photos and comments I’ve been posting on subjects I’m engaged with. And as the book launch approaches (now just a few weeks away) this will be a good way to follow the debate over The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture.

So if you are on Facebook and you would like to be kept more current on what I’m doing, you at long last have the ability to do that.

To follow me on Facebook, just click here: Yoram Facebook Author Page and then punch “like” to sign up.

II. The One I’ve Always Secretly Dreamed of Doing:
Animated Video Trailer

My whole life I’ve loved film. This goes back to my childhood when I used to sit with my father’s arm around me and watch some old movie from his childhood on television and have him explain who the actors were. He’d tell me about the other films they’d made, and about what it was like to go and watch them in the unheated theaters in Jerusalem of those days. (Instead of heating, you’d get free tea during the intermission.)

In my heart of hearts, I’ve always wanted to be able to make films myself—a fact that reveals itself in various annoying personality traits, such as my tendency to automatically “edit” every film I see as I’m watching it. (These days several of my family members have decided it’s too stressful to watch films with me, partly for this reason.)

Life has taken me in other directions. But this summer I’ve actually had the chance to make this bit of a dream come true, at least on a small scale: I’ve been working on a four-minute promotional video trailer for my upcoming book, The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture.

The film tells the story of Cain and Abel and then draws out the ramifications of this story in the rest of Scripture—and in the rest of human history. I wrote the script myself based on the discussion of Cain and Abel in Chapter 4 of my book. The production and animation are being done by the Shoot-East crew in Jerusalem.

There’s still a few weeks to go until the trailer will be ready to show. But I wanted to share with you some still shots from it because I like them so much:


1. “The Thief” With His Loot



2. Adam Takes a Bite



3. Partner in Creation

Now you might be asking yourself—where is there a thief in the story of Cain and Abel?

Good question! But you’ll have to wait until the promotional trailer comes out for an answer to that.

For more information about The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture (Cambridge University Press, August 28, 2012) go here.

To pre-order the book, click here.To subscribe to follow the book by email, click here.

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