Bible and Judaism

VIDEO: God, Nationalism and Conservatism
Torah From Heaven: Moses and Sinai in Exodus
A Conversation With Morgan Freeman About God
Nationalism and the Future of Western Freedom
The Bible and Leo Strauss
Esther: Be the Miracle
Morgan Freeman Asks Me About the Messiah
VIDEO: Conversation With George Weigel: The Bible and the Future of the West
The Vatican and the Jews
Is Ahashverosh Jesus?
The Question of God’s Perfection
What Is Revelation?
Isaiah Berlin Lecture: The Place of the Jew in Contemporary Philosophy
Open Orthodoxy?
Jaco Gericke’s ‘The Hebrew Bible and Philosophy of Religion’
The Christian Alternative Resurrected: Why Can’t Jews Do That?
Response to Jon Levenson: Is There a Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture?
An Imperfect God
My Conversation With the Chief (VIDEO)
The Biblical Case for Limited Government
Political Metaphors in Hebrew Scripture
More on R. Soloveitchik’s ‘Emergence of Ethical Man’: A Response to Critics
Reading the Bible as Reason Rather Than Revelation
“Cain and Abel” Video Promo Trailer for PHS
The God of Independent Minds
A Bombshell from the Rav
Philosophy of the Bible? Maybe Not Quite Yet
The Biblical Century
Hollywood’s Jewish Moment
The University and the Jews
Goodbye, Spinoza

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