A Conversation With Morgan Freeman About God

By Yoram Hazony, September 19, 20161 response

As I’ve reported in previous letters, I spent a couple of days with Morgan Freeman last fall filming for his new miniseries “The Story of God,” which aired on National Geographic this spring. In two episodes of the miniseries, you can see us walking around the Old City of Jerusalem and talking about God. You can see a clip from the show below.



Full episodes of the series are available for purchase here


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1 Response to "A Conversation With Morgan Freeman About God"
Martin Weiss
September 19, 2016
I do mashgiach work, in fact I was on duty for an event for Morgan F. once
it must be difficult to have to capsulize

I've always wondered why we believe the offering of Isaac was on what is called the temple mount when there is a higher place just a few tens of meters away.
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